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Battle Beyond KurukshetraImage

Battle Beyond Kurukshetra

This is the English translation of the Malayalam classic of Balakrishnan’s Ïni Njan Urangatte, a work originating from the Vyasabharatha. The novel is the journey of Draupadi’s realisation. The novel is enriched by its insightful take on life which is complemented by beautiful imagery and lyrical prose.

Ini Njan UrangatteImage

Ini Njan Urangatte

One of the most widely read books in the Malayalam language, it is the story of Karna developed through the thought process of Draupadi and her life. Without deviating from the story, situations or the epic grandeour of the Mahabharata, it lends a new interpretation to their story.

Jaathivyavasthithium KeralacharithravumImage

Jaathivyavasthithium Keralacharithravum

A book on the social history of Kerala starting from the point of evolution of its agricultural villages up to 1850-1890, the period when substantial changes began in the caste society. Examining history afresh on the basis of the geographic evolution of land area, resources, accounts of foreign travelers etc it reaches the unavoidable conclusion that the land, resources and its exploitation hardly supported the glowing past the earlier historians had built. It is a seminal work that deals with various aspects of Kerala's history including the development of the Malayalam language.



The book is a collection of essays on the great social reformer of Kerala and spiritual leader Sri. Narayana Guru published on the event of his birth centenary. It gives a rare insight into the person and activities of a visionary.

Tippu SulthanImage

Tippu Sulthan

Tippu Sultan was an able administrator and one of the rare Indian rulers who could stand up to the British. His life is an unnatural tragedy that would fascinate anyone trying to know him. This book examines how the British and Western historians and the natives alike painted him with the brush of religious fanaticism.

P K Balakrishnante LekhanangalImage

P K Balakrishnante Lekhanangal

This book was originally published as two different books Mayaathasandyakal and Nidrasanchangal. The first contains the warm reflections on 8 people who was close to him; whom he loved and respected. The second is a compilation of various articles written over a period of time.

Pluto Priyappetta PlutoImage

Pluto Priyappetta Pluto

The only other novel written by the author, it captures the rustic charm and liveliness of his native village, which forms the background for the exploits of his dog Pluto.

Chandu Menon Oru PadanamImage

Chandu Menon Oru Padanam

A critical study on the first Malayalam novelist and the silent social revolution wrought by the novel Indulekha. Chandu Menon's personality is bigger than his writings. The book presents this personality and hence in a strict sense cannot be called a literary criticism.

Ezhuthachante KalaImage

Ezhuthachante Kala

Mahabharath has lend itself to several rewrites in all languages. The book explores the magic of the translation that catapults Ezhuthachan as one of the greatest poets and the father of Malayalam literature. The book also has some critical studies on the original epic itself.

Kavyakala KumaranasaniloodeImage

Kavyakala Kumaranasaniloode

A critical study of Kumaran Asan and his poetical works. It is a discourse on the art of poetry as revealed through the works of the great Malayalam poet.

Keraleeyathayum MattumImage

Keraleeyathayum Mattum

This a compilation of articles published in various periodicals over a period of time.

Novel Siddhiyum SadhanayumImage

Novel Siddhiyum Sadhanayum

This is a comprehensive study on the art of novel writing. It studies three novelists - Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Jane Austin and Fyodor Dostoyevsky to explore the art of the novel.

Oru Veerapulakathinte KathaImage

Oru Veerapulakathinte Katha

This is a compilation of articles on a variety of subjects. Some of them were part of lively discussions in the intellectual space of Kerala when healthy dissent was still an accepted norm.

Veritta ChintakalImage

Veritta Chintakal

A collection of articles on Indian history and social history of Kerala written in Madhyamam Daily titled 'Sermons From The Mount'. These were reflections triggered by contemporary events in the political space.

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