Keraleeyathayum Mattum

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This a compilation of articles published in various periodicals over a period of time.
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Keraleeyatayum Mattum is a collection of 20 articles published in various periodicals over a time. This book owes its origin to the efforts of a group of young men who got together to form 'Pakshikkoottam Books' and decided to have among others, one on P.K.Balakrishnan which they titled 'The Heart of a Storm'. Though their project did not materialise, it resulted in this collection.

The articles included are:

  1. Some Unbridled Observations on Kunjan Nambiar
  2. Asan's Poetic Essence and Problem of life and Death
  3. Poetry of Kunjunni
  4. On the essence of Kerala
  5. Caste and Tribe
  6. The Components of Advancement
  7. A lead to the Origins of Sahodaraprasthanam
  8. Backward Communities: A Lesson in History
  9. Our Approach to Communalism
  10. Kochappa Komma Union (An article on the prevailing political approach to an unified Kerala state, written-July 1953)
  11. Today is August 15th
  12. Some New Paternal Positions for Bappuji
  13. Gandhiji and the Marxists
  14. My Dear Kaliyanrathinam! You Live Long
  15. An approach to Kuttipuzha
  16. Tolstoy
  17. Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon
  18. A Great Human being I Saw (on Prof. N. Krishna Pillai)
  19. Parvathy Ayyappan
  20. On Mathai Manjooran

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