P K Balakrishnante Lekhanangal


This book was originally published as two different books Mayaathasandyakal and Nidrasanchangal. The first contains the warm reflections on 8 people who was close to him; whom he loved and respected. The second is a compilation of various articles written over a period of time.
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The studies in the anthology originally published under the title Maayatha Sandhyakal were written over a span of 18 years from 1960. They were born out of a sense of duty impelled by the warmth of his personal affection.

The book is a collection of 8 essays. The first is a discourse on beauty as a value concept. The remaining articles are on well figures and people dear to him. There are two essays each on Karoor Neelakanta Pillai and C.J. Thomas and one each on Kuttykrishna Marar, C.N.Srikandan Nair and P.K. Vikraman Nair.

The articles are:

  1. Society and 'beauty' as a value
  2. On Kuttykrishna Marar
  3. Karoor - the individual and artist.
  4. 'Desire' in stories of Karoor
  5. The tragedy of perfection
  6. Drama literature and C.J. Thomas
  7. C.N. Srikandan Nair and plays on Ramayana
  8. P.K.Vikraman Nair


The anthology originally published as Nidrasancharangal owes its existence to the loving encouragement of Poorna Publications.

The book contains 15 articles as follows:

  1. Good Novel and Great Novel
  2. C.V the Novelist. (On C.V. Raman Pillai)
  3. Chandu Menon and the Social Background.
  4. A Lead to Takazhi's "Kayar"(On Takazhi Sivasankara Pillai's novel "Kayar")
  5. Jane Austin - a new note.
  6. A letter of Changampuzha and Some Obsevations on Changampuzha.
  7. Daily life Through Moments (an article on Changampuzha)
  8. Marble Path to Hell (some observations on European and Indian history)
  9. An Introduction to the Phenomenon of Ambedkar.
  10. Gandhiji and Ambedkar
  11. Kumaran Asan -The Political Worker.
  12. Nehru- A poser to the Biographical Art.
  13. The Wealth we Should Receive From Other Languages.
  14. Works of Other Languages in Malayalam.
  15. A Poser in the history of Journalisam

First Reprinted April 2004 - Publisher DC Books

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